Galaxy Fold Vs. Mae X foldable phones

The Samsung galaxy fold and Huawei’s mate X are both here, which offers two different takes on foldable devices. Both are made for inspiration, and to help us transform how we think about the phones at hand. While they aren’t yet everyday phones, they set the course for foldable phones that are good instead of the really giant ones that we currently have.

Hype for these kinds was something that happened near the beginning of the year, and it’s the start of the revolution of this type of design. A screen that bends in half does feel futuristic, and you can double the screen real estate while keeping the device half in size as you carry it around. But, the flaws with the galaxy fold screen and the fears over the phone sturdiness have dampened the hype for these.

The ability to bend and have a flexible screen is a hallmark of these phones early on, but their screens bend in different directions, and the cameras are different too, and the difference does change this. 

They are expensive as well, but here, we’ll go over which ones are better in terms of style, price, and functionality.

Now, the primary difference is of course, in the way that they folded.  The foldable plastic screen on the Samsung is inside, and the Mate X is actually on the outside. It’s got a plastic inner screen that’s protected by the outer part.  There is a glass cover with a display that you can use when you close the phone in.

The Mate X is actually outside of the device, and it can change based on how you hold it, and you can flip this both front and rear-facing.  This is a great way to help reduce the distortion to the images, and change the interface, and it resizes always to the correct aspect ratio.

He Mate X will give you much more flexibility, and the Samsung phone does have an outer display that’s too cramped to use, and I is like a close tablet, while the Mate X feels like a big phone that you can open to a much larger screen. With just a flick of the wrist, you get a more usable screen as you hold it.

The biggest downside to the Mate X is the way it’s fully exposed.  It will endanger the phone because it will have a chance that it could be subjected to nicks, scratches, and pressure as well, which means it could die even before you use it.  We won’t early know until we test it though, and that is something that’s still in the process.

There is also the fact that when the foldable phones showed up, the response was immediate. Many of them don’t like the crease that goes down your center screen, and for folding phones, you will have to deal with the bump since the screen does go slack when the phone is unfolded, and it comes with the territory for now. the galaxy fold has a visible crease to the naked eye, and you feel it with the hand, but it’s also less noticeable when you use the phone than on the mate X, since the screen feels a little bit less creased. It’s going to be there.

Currently, right now the mate X is the better option than the ugly notch that the Samsung phone has, but we’ll need to do further tests on the usability of this, and which one will look better and perform better in the long run as well.