The iPhone 8 Vs. the XR: Which is Better?

With the iPhone 11 out, it’s time to nab an older model, especially if you want something cheaper, and better for you.  The XR is one of the few options for bigger screens, but don’t want to pay almost a grand for the latest model.  With the 8 plus, it’s about 50 bucks less, and it has the classic design, along with the home button, and while it is an older model, it’s got the same advantages that the XR does have.

So which is better for you? Continue reading to find out.

For those who want something that involves gesture navigation, emojis that are animated, and face unlock, the XR is the way to go, and it’s one of the best types of iPhones currently on the market for a decent price. It has a big screen, a good body, and the performance is great. It also contains wireless charging too, and it’s pretty much as good as the XS model.

Then you have the 8 plus, which is a lot cheaper than it was a year ago.  This one is pretty great because the processor is a little bit less advanced, but still sports that famous home button, so you don’t’ have to learn gestures or face unlock for this. However, this done doesn’t have the dual-sim capabilities, and the processor and camera are definitely not as good. If you’re concerned about specs, you shouldn’t get this one. The 8 plus has a 12 MP camera, along with the physical home button, and if you’re trying to delay the evitable, this might be great, but otherwise, it does fall short compared to the newest ones.

The XR has more vibrant colors, a better screen, and it’s also smaller and lighter. But, the 8 plus has the home button, which is something that people may miss. It also has a slightly higher resolution and more pixels per inch. Unlike the XR either, this one keeps that classic home button and fingerprint scanner, which is something we may not see until perhaps the iPhone 12.

While the 8 plus is more iconic in design, the XR does feel good in your hands, and comes in different colors too.

The camera is another part of this too. The XR has a front-facing camera which can map your face, and you can use face ID to unlock. Though, the 8 plus has a dual camera setup. However, the ones on the XR look better, and more vibrant to the look. While this doesn’t mean the 8 plus is bad, but you do notice the finer details on the XR a lot more than you do the 8 plus.

Finally, we have a performance. This should be obvious, but the XR is much faster, both on paper and in practice and his is thanks to the A12 processor that’s in it.  The 8 has a previous model chipset, so it definitely falls a bit short on the benchmark chipsets.

So which one is better for you? If you don’t care about specs, or if you just want something that gets the job done, then get an 8 plus. If you want to delay an upgrade, an 8 plus works.

But, if you want something a bit sleeker, a bit better, and will hold you over for a bit longer, I highly recommend the XR. It completely trounces the 8 plus in performance capabilities, and it’s something that you should definitely consider if you’re looking to have something that gets the job done easily, and quite readily as well.