The iPhone 11 Vs. the XR: Which is the Better Buy?

When apple put out the iPhone 11 series a few months ago, many people were surprised at the mere price of the based iPhone 11 model, since it was about 50 bucks cheaper than the XR, and the XR reduced in price too. With many of the new prices on the forefront, and the holidays quickly approaching, we’ll look at which one is better for the gift-giving season, and why it matters.

First, we have the iPhone 11, which has dual rear cameras, a night mode for shooting, and of course a 12 MP front-facing shooter, this one does have a lot of tricks for videos and photos.  It has really good picture and videos, and I is one of the advantages you’re paying for. It also contains the U1 chip and wifi-6, which is for the future.  It is a next-gen phone in terms of the features that are there so if you want a more modernistic phone for the coming years, this is the best you can get. But, since they’re not totally built ye, there aren’t immediate advantages, which is why the XR is still higher in ranking.

The XR is one that’s a little bit cheaper, still runs iOS 13 just as fine as the 11 does, and comes with the A11 chipset, and it has a decent amount of tech. while it doesn’t have the updated camera and the ultrawide camera like the 11 does, the XR is just as fine for posting photos and taking them. If you’re on a budget, the XR is still a great phone, and you could save 100 bucks with this. Who knows, might be worth it.

The design isn’t really all that different. The 11 has the extra camera and looks like a strange face, while the XR only has two cameras. The 11 also comes in different body colors, such as lavender, green, and a yellow, while the XR has a canary yellow, a blue, and a coral, and there really isn’t’ an obvious difference. They literally are the same size and weight, and both of them have the same resolution, pixel density, and also the same LCD display.  The 11 is a bit better and doesn’t have cosmetic cracks when dropped, unlike the XR which can’t survive more than a waist high fall.

Both of them are water-resistant as well, but the 11 does have much higher IP rating, and it can survive much longer underwater.  The XR still can survive pretty well, about a meter underwater on paper, and the XR still worked when tested. Both of them can survive pretty well, but the 11 does exceed many of the promises.

The biggest difference is the camera. The camera is of course, what everyone loves about the 11. It’s got the best camera in an iPhone, and with the new updates, it’ll work well for both indoors and outdoors, and also works well.

In terms of performance, the 11 has a slightly better performance, but of course, compared to other phones, the XR still holds up pretty well, and it is good of those looking to budget and have a little bit of extra cash, and who aren’t ready to move to the newer models yet.

Of course, it’s ultimately up to you. If you like the value of the XR, then by all means get it. If you want something that’s new and flashy, then 11 is what you need to look into. Both are good phones in their own ways though.